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facade greenery, fire protection, high-riese building, vertiko

Fireproof Green Facade

Living-Wall FP from Vertiko is a non-woven substrate system made of over 95 % mineral ­materials. The surface consists of either a coated glass fleece or a German-made glass-basalt knit. Apart from the plants and the drip pipe, the fireproof green facade consists of non-­combustible building materials. In 2020, a large-scale fire test was carried out in accordance with DIN 4102-20. This showed that the system cools the facade due to its water content. With the Vertiko Living-Wall FP and the fire bulkheads developed for it, even high-rise buildings can be greened. The system is used on the 100-m2 facade of the company headquarters of Drees & ­Sommer. It is irrigated with rainwater collected in three cisterns on the roof and distributed via a gravity slope.

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Fassede, Begrünung, Brandschutz, Vertiko

Photo: Vertiko

Fassade, Begrünung, Hochhaus, Vertiko

Photo: Vertiko

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