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fire protection, glass, Summit Restaurant Panorama 2962, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, Hasenauer.Architekten, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Zugspitze

Fire-resistant Glass Panes on the Zugspitze

Like all the other materials, the glass was transported from an intermediate storage facility at a height of 1200 m to the construction site using a separate material cableway. In the mountain station, the 176 m2 Contraflam glass panes in various mounts mainly ensure safety in the transitions between the individual areas of use. In the restaurant and at the exits and transitions to the stairwells, for example, Contraflam 30 fire-resistant glass is used as Stadip 66.2 laminated safety glass comprising SGG Planidur and SGG Planitherm One and as tested SGG Securit-H single-pane safety glass.

One highlight is the parallelogram glazing, which allows a view of the cable-car engineering from the restaurant. To ensure the glass panes survived transportation up to an altitude of around 3000 m undamaged, they were fitted with valves to enable pressure equalisation. These were removed again before installation.

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