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Expo, Schanghai, LED, Teaser

EXPO 2010 Shanghai - LED facades

When the evening comes, it’s not just the Expo location but the whole of Shanghai that is transformed into a luminous magical world. Bridges, overpasses and facades are illuminated or decorated with self-lighting LED technology.

While the exteriors of the country pavilions in Pudong begin to glow from the inside like lanterns, the glittering shells of the Expo axis and the 3D-textured media facades in Puxi display spectacular projections that reflect on the river, creating a unique scene.

In Shanghai the lights go out earlier than one would expect in a world metropolis. At 23:30 on the dot, the glittering facades are turned off and a dedicated cleaning crew clears the Bund area with a fire hose, watched by the last stragglers from the Expo. The Expo location is open half an hour longer – the pavilions themselves close at 22:00, though.

Runtime: 8 min.

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