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Experience Wood in Nature: Wooden Cabins on Denmark’s Coasts

On the south coast of Funen, extending from the west of Faaborg to the northeast of Svendborg, as well as on the islands of Langeland, Skarø, Drejø, Birkholm und Ærø there are now 50 small wooden cabins in 19 selected locations. The cabins were developed by the Danish studio of LUMO Architects.

These Shelters offer nature and sports lovers accommodations that are accessible year-round. The structures are of different types and sizes and feature different functions, for instance a sauna and an observation deck. They are big enough for two to seven guests. The smallest cabins serve as toilets and washrooms.

The asymmetrical huts consist entirely of wood. Pigmented shingles impregnated with wood-tar oil give the façades their characteristic appearance. Inside, the natural look of the materials speaks for itself, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Round windows and folding shutters make it possible for visitors to enjoy a view of the surrounding landscape and the sky.

The idea for these wooden huts goes back to the days when fishermen stored their catch in basins. The cabins are meant as temporary accommodation for those who are coming from the water, who are on their way to the waves or who simply want to spend a day – or night – in free, natural surroundings.

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