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Entrance Hall to University of Bremen

The new entrance hall, roughly 1,300 m2 in area, links the level of the raised boulevard with that of the public street and trams. The minimal steel-and-glass structure forms a bold contrast to the solid concrete construction of the adjoining university. The internal space affords shelter from the elements, but is not air conditioned. In addition to the broad staircase, it contains small shops, a glazed lift and a media wall. The roof of the 15-metre-high hall is borne by six V-shaped columns, and six hinged columns on the existing building. At the feet of the tubular steel columns are stainless-steel ball and socket bearings. The roof construction, consisting of an orthogonal, welded system of primary and secondary beams that form a rigid horizontal diaphragm, also bears the tension loads from the vertical cables that support the facade glazing. The beams are constructed of welded sheet steel and are haunched at their ends along the outer edge of the hall. The system is articulated by the six primary beams at 7.20 m centres over the columns. Vertical bracing across the width of the hall is provided by the columns and additional cable stays in the end walls. In the longitudinal direction, bracing is provided by crossed cables between the hinged columns in two bays. The roof is covered with sheets of glass supported on all four edges and capable of bearing foot traffic. The facade cables are fixed at the base to spring elements that maintain a constant degree of tension.
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DETAIL 5/2001

Roof Structures

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