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Effective light

Artificial lighting with biological effectiveness, like natural daylight, changes illuminance and light colour during the course of the day. Especially in rooms with little daylight or in the winter months, this biologically-effective light can sustainably enhance well-being at the workplace. Many people spend most of their working days indoors, which means that they are excluded from the dynamic and biological effect of daylight. It makes sense, therefore, to make use of the findings on the biological effectiveness of light when designing office environments. With PULSE VTL, Waldmann has developed a lighting management system that generates a natural lighting experience and its positive effect on the workplace. Depending on the time of day, the natural impulses are set via a fixed control curve. In addition, the light colour varies between daylight-like light in the morning for stimulation, and warm white light for a cosier atmosphere in the evening.

The system works autonomously, and does not need to be connected to the building management system. The lighting management system can be used both with the LAVIGO LED free-standing luminaire and with various room luminaires.

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