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ECOWEEK Prishtina 2015

Since 2009 ECOWEEK has been organizing week-long events for students and young professionals within the construction sector with a focus on sustainability. These events are one week boot camps combining workshops with lectures from some of the most prominent architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, designers etc. in the field.ECOWEEK for the second time is taking place in Prishtina which is initiated and organized by ECOciety - an NGO organization and hosted by Faculty of Engineering and Architecture within the Public University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina". ECOWEEK PRISHTINA 2015 “GLOCAL ARCHITECTURE”, September 27-October 04 WORKSHOP 1Tutors: Gezim Pacarizi / Arnisa Kryeziu / Brixhida DedaDesign an Ecological House in Kosova

Projection task: In a certain neighborhood, within certain plots, each participant have to design an ecological house.

Urban principle: Each house has its own identity expressed through shapes, but you should keep in mind to have a good adaptation to the local context and the relationship with the nature elements, sun, wind etc!

Architectural principle: Houses should be designed in harmony with the elements of nature and shaped by local ecological materials (its building and destruction implies not vulnerability of the surrounding environment).Program: Build  a typical house for a Kosovar family, 4-6 members.Size: Maximum Dimensions 12x12x9m (l/ w / h).

The working  process of the workshop:  every day, regardless of the achieved level in projects, groups of 1-4 persons, present a certain result every day. Aiming to prepare projects on theoretical way  and using on maximum the time of the workshop, participants will know their duties before. Period workshop single stage remains to be criticism, improvement, adaptation and presentation of the projects. During the workshop we start with sketches and models, to proceed further with the real mass presentation of ideas. Finally, the drawings (which are collected in the form of a book) and projects, will be presented.

Purpose: The workshop aims to give the participants a specific experience in terms of practical design aspect. Developing an idea into a good project will be presented through a quick process but systematized, organized and logical. Candidates will leave the workshop with a unique and rewarding experience for further career professional staff. Finally the candidates will receive certificates, credits for their participation.

 WORKSHOP 2Tutors: Ajhan Bajmaku / Fitore Isufi-Koja / Miran MoharSocial/Passive/Radical IntervationThe topic of the workshop will be the city of Pristina, its architecture with all its complexity where new buildings overlap with the old ones. Students will discover the vitality of the solutions invented by the citizens. We will try to go beyond the esthetical in the sense of »good taste«. Despite many urban planning problems, difficulties and negativities, we will focus on the positive side of the processes of atypical and partly vital urbanization of the city where many forces and interests are meeting in a dramatic collision. The participants of the workshop will track down valuable proposals, which may sometimes be hidden under the »chaotic ugliness« and lawlessness, map them and highlight them. Pristina is not a beautiful city in a traditional sense of the word, but it is full of life and energy in all segments of human activity. It has its inner beauty.Part of the conceptual starting point is also based on the thought of Edi Hila, a Tirana-based painter. During his lecture at the »Sumer School as a School«, organized by Station and AVA Ljubljana this August, he said that we can view new strange houses built by people for their own needs as valuable propositions for future architecture, as a kind of avant-garde. In relation to his paintings of houses Hila once said: “We’re living through a process of transformation that involves everybody and forces us to make important decisions that can change the course of our life. In these abandoned houses hope and the desire to inhabit them has departed with the migrant. These houses have been transformed into objects, almost weird and absurd, born of an immediate necessity.” The workshop will explore the city and try to find out what kind of Pristina its citizens want and what architects and urban planners can do regarding it. The results will be shown in the mediums of photography, video and writing, including interviews with the inhabitants of Pristina. They will be presented to the public in the form of an exhibition and online publication. WORKSHOP 3Tutors: Ilir Murseli / Rozafa Basha / Valentina TahirsylajDesign an Information Centre at Germia Park WORKSHOP 4Tutors: Elias Messinas / Teuta Jashari - Kajtazi / Elizabeta PoljoskaUrban Intervention WORKSHOP 5Tutors: Taulant Qerreti / Jetik Doli WORKSHOP APPLICATIONMore about ECOWEEKMore about ECOWEEK Prishtina
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