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16 follies, pavilion, Remseck

Down by the riverside: 16 follies in Remstal

Baden-Württemberg has long arrived at the idea of  holding small-scale garden shows in the years between large state ones. At the Remstal Garden Show this year, small architectural objects occupy a romantic river valley in addition to landscape architectural interventions. Jorunn Ragnarsdóttir of LRO was entrusted with selecting the colleagues.

People with an idea of the scene will be able to identify the architects involved just by looking at the Garden Show flyer. For example, it's not difficult to arrive at Jürgen Mayer H. as the designer of 'Weißes Haus', a house-shaped block reminiscent of a gigantic nesting puzzle on a river island at Waibling. And Christoph Mäckler's overly-pointed gabled houses swaying on a new jetty in Remseck can be interpreted as the architect's endorsement of the European town. The fact that Florian Nagler set up his belvedere tower in Schwäbisch Gmünd in the form of a timber structure is also obvious.  Equally so Hild und K's crocheted wrapping of a small guard house at Lorch Monastery, which can be seen as a parody on their use of thermal insulation composite systems in their buildings.

Some of the follies act as landmarks in vineyards but don't necessarily provide an effective means of shelter from the weather. A brickwork tower house built by Uwe Schröder on Plüderhausen's Hochzeitswiese 'wedding meadow' acts as a small setting for regional traditions however, while also being an object lesson for fanciers of cross and English bricklaying bonds. In Böbingen and Remshalden, the pavilions are each located in a recreation park that will continue to fill an urban development function in future.

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