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DETAIL Prize 2014: Kwel Kah Baung Migrant Learning Center

Nominated for the DETAIL Prize 2014:

a.gor.a architects, Thailand
Lucia Rocchelli, Albert Olmo-Company and Jan Glasmeier
Kwel Kah Baung Migrant Learning Center, Mae Sot, Thailand

Photographer: Abel Echavarria, Barcelona

When the lease for its site was terminated, Kwel Ka Baung School in Mae Sot in Thailand had no choice but to look for a new site on which to construct a new building. During the first construction phase, Thai architectural firm a.gor.a architects focused on building ten classrooms for 350 students and one staff room. To reduce costs, adobe bricks and other local natural materials such as bamboo and eucalyptus were used. The school stands on a slightly raised, firm base plate to protect itself against possible floods. Between the individual classrooms there are garden rooms. The separation of the classrooms leads to a reduction in noise levels and ensures good air circulation in the individual rooms. The gardens continue to provide a comfortable learning environment and open up a view of a lotus pond behind the main building. The open space in front of the school is used for morning assembly. The second construction phase will involve the construction of a library, a dining room with an outdoor kitchen, and sanitary facilities. The costs for the first phase amounted to only US$ 25,000, and US$ 17,000 has been set aside for the second phase.

Photographer: Abel Echavarria, Barcelona
Photographer: Paola Die Bella, Trieste

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