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DETAIL 1+2/2018, Refresh

DETAIL 2018 – What’s New?

About eight months ago, the DETAIL editorial team, together with graphic designers Matthias Friederich and Julian von Klier of strobo B M, started working on a new layout concept to take the magazine’s ­stringent design to the next level. This design update was developed and implemented with three core aspects in mind: readability, the consistent bilingualism of German / English from cover to cover and the integration of additional content from other media – be it online, in book form or from our congresses and other activities.

The conceptual orientation of DETAIL remains untouched: the main theme section – supported by project documentations and detailed drawings – remains the heart of the magazine. However, the packaging of our contents now enjoys some new aspects. What exactly have we changed? The font is now larger and thus more legible. A short introduction below each headline gives you rapid insight into what awaits you in the article. Diagrams and additional information complement what is provided in the written article. You are now holding the fruit of our efforts in your hands and can examine the results for yourself, starting with this issue. We hope you enjoy the design update of DETAIL – and welcome your feedback.

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DETAIL 1+2/2018, Refresh

Two Languages – Treated Equally
With the current issue, DETAIL has become more international. This is because of our content as well as our product pages are now bilingual – published in both German and English. Both languages are treated equally; they run parallel to one another yet are clearly distinct. Thanks to this consistent design principle, all photos, plans and diagrams can now be shown close to the text passages in which they are mentioned in German and English.

DETAIL 1+2/2018, Refresh

Content and Structure
Our bilingual table of contents is designed as a double page. In addition to providing an overview of articles, architects and authors, this part will also feature photographic highlights from the exciting projects presented in the issue. The front of the magazine includes a compilation of reports covering current projects, exhibitions and books.
A regular column called DETAIL research is part of this reports section, bringing news on research projects at the intersection between industry and implementation. The centre of every issue is dedicated to our main theme.
As before, this part focuses on a given architectural topic that is explored by our editorial team through project documentations with detailed drawings, opinion pieces and technology reviews. The product section at the end of the magazine is also bilingual and presents a compilation of select international products.

DETAIL 1+2/2018, Refresh

From Three to Twelve
Instead of the previous strict division into three columns, the layout of the entire magazine is now arranged according to a a flexible 12-column grid. Depending on the ­section, the columns can be variously combined for different page layouts and typefaces. While the reports offer space for additional information in the side margin column, the text-dominated essays will include additional information in the middle – between the two language versions.

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