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Lithos Design, Architonic

Design made of stone

Inlay meets industrial design – an unusual combination, seeing as inlay stands for a filigree, elaborate craftsmanship and exceptionally aesthetic design. Lithos Design has transferred this richness of detail to natural stone using industrial methods. The “Opus” collection lives up to its name and presents six models in 25 different shades out of a total of 38 different kinds of marble. The unusual wall and floor coverings were created in collaboration with the designer Raffaello Galiotto.

“Opus is a reinterpretation of the technical and aesthetic characteristics of traditional inlay and is based on the repetition of certain patterns”, explains Raffaello Galiotto. “The biggest difficulty has been to develop an industrial manufacturing process that makes it possible to produce a serial product of the highest quality such as Opus. For each of the six models in the collection, a separate production process has been developed.“ The selection of specific technologies allows the hidden beauty of each stone to be revealed. Unusual combinations of materials and colours constitute the charm of the collection.

The company offers the perfect solution for all requirements: Lithos Design Primes, whose collections also include the Opus line, impresses with products with a unique and refined appearance, designed for the high-end segment in the residential and commercial sectors. In line with the company’s philosophy, the product range only includes natural stone. The advantage of this material compared to reconstructed or synthetic stones is the low maintenance and the natural beauty that the stone preserves over time.

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