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BASF, selection, light control system, daylight

Daylight for Windowless Rooms by BASF

The light-control system by BASF consists of three components: a foil that is inserted into the insulating glazing to direct the light into a light shaft; a reflective foil in the light shaft that transports the light deep inside the building; and finally lighting fixtures through which the daylight reaches the respective rooms. These luminaires are also equipped with LED lights that supply the rooms with light when natural daylight is not yet sufficient or no longer sufficient.

Focus on people
The wide colour spectrum of natural light has an important influence on people’s well-being and performance. Human Centric Lighting therefore refers to lighting concepts that focus on people and their well-being. Human Centric Lighting encompasses the visual, emotional and biological effects of light.

People feel more comfortable in natural light, are more concentrated, experience higher levels of motivation and are less susceptible to illness. BASF’s daylight system, for example, contributes to improving room quality in schools, hospitals, shopping centres and office buildings. In addition, the use of natural light can reduce artificial light consumption during the day by more than half.

Great design freedom for the architect
The system does not require an additional structure on the facade, and can be used flexibly inside the building – both hidden inside a suspended ceiling and visible if it is to form part of its interior design. In addition, it enables new design concepts, for example for office landscapes, which can contribute to improving the quality of life through work and recreation areas with green zones.
Market-ready system solution

The idea for the daylight control project came into being during the Creator Space anniversary programme in 2015 on the occasion of BASF’s 150th anniversary. Teams from Switzerland worked on the topic of light and energy in buildings based on this idea. Together with BASF experts from different departments, a concept was developed, and as an incubation project was transformed into a market-ready system solution. An initial prototype is already in use at the headquarters of Bartenbach GmbH in Austria.
The special publication DETAIL selection "Lighting and Building Automation" is available here.
BASF, selection, light control system, daylight

Photo: Boris Storz

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