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Curved Ceramic Facade by Moeding

Störmer Murphy and Partners have designed an amorphous figure with a white ceramic facade that cannot be recognised as an entire mass from any viewpoint. The facade is divided into horizontal strips of glass surfaces and large-format, radiantly-white glazed tiles. Wave-like, concave or convex in shape, the rear-ventilated ceramic curtain-wall has no need for massive supports. The structural concept was possible thanks to the static design of the corridor walls, which assume the load-bearing function over six storeys. In addition, load-bearing wall bulkheads radiate out from them. This internal structure in turn permits the dynamic curves and radii of the encircling large-format ceramic panels, which were mounted in lengths of 1,200 to 1,550 mm, with a panel height of 614 mm and panel thickness of 40 mm. 1,200 m2 of white glazed Longoton facade panels from Moeding were produced in eight different, individually-adapted radii from 1,500 mm to 22,000 mm. The tiles were fixed with the Moeding Longoton Rapid System, which does not prescribe any assembly sequence, thereby allowing considerable time savings. Afterwards, the substructure is immediately assembled with all tile holders and the tiles are mounted without the use of tools.
Facade, Moeding, Ceramic, Longoton Facade System

Photo: Anke Müllerklein

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