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3XN, Berlin, Office

Draped glass: Cube Berlin office building by 3XN

Cube Berlin’s defining feature is its lively façade, made up of an outer skin of slanted glass elements in front of the triple glazing of the thermal envelope. Slits on all four sides of the exterior skin permit fresh air to enter the intermediate cavity on the façade and at the same time provide space for long balconies on various levels. The office block’s ten storeys are occupied by various tenants, who are able to divide space in individual fashion. As a result, open-plan offices, smaller office units, lobbies, meeting rooms and two-storey areas are to be found on the quadratic floor areas measuring approx. 42 metres on all sides. Tenants are also able to snack or have drinks at counters surrounding the solid circulation core, while extensive seating areas arranged along the exterior walls provide a casual setting for conversation.

For the outer skin the glass manufacturer developed a special coating that not only enhances the edge stability of the glass but provides the glazing with protection from yellowing and wear. The slanted glass elements reflect the surroundings of the central railway station, making the office block another of Berlin’s many landmarks.

Cube Berlin opening day from DETAIL online on Vimeo.

Further information:

Architecture Souterrain: Maedebach Redeleit Architekten
Structure- und TGA-planning: Remmel + Sattler Ingenieurgesellschaft
Facade, building physics, TGA-planner: DS Plan

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