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Zooco Estudio, Coworking, Kindergarten

Co-Working Kindergarten: Big and Tiny Silverlake by Zooco Estudio

In the business world, company kindergartens have established themselves as part and parcel of a family-friendly human resources policy. So far a version for free-lancers – a co-working kindergarten, so to speak – has been lacking. The Californian company Big and Tiny specialises in precisely this market niche, providing sites where adults are able to work undisturbed while their children learn and play under the supervision of qualified nursery teachers. The firm’s second such location is concealed behind the white-painted brick façade of a store on Sunset Boulevard in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles.

Zooco Estudio of Spain had an undivided area of 467 sqm spanned by a striking, column-free timber roof structure for its design. Classical American two-by-four inch timber studs were mainly deployed by the architects for the fixtures. A building-high and well soundproofed lightweight wall divides the front zone for the children from the rear, larger one where their parents work. The front of the partition is mirrored to make the children’s play area seem larger.   

In both of the dissimilar halves, open areas alternate with closed volumes. The parents’ and children’s zones have two each of the latter while a fifth one is situated at the demarcation line between the two for use by the children for group activities. All partition walls are based on a standard module of 60 x 120 cm. Wood and mirror-glass predominate in the interior, along with three other materials: felt and cork for the wall linings and cardboard tubes as supports for the shelves and the reception desk in the entrance area.

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