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Schiffscontainer, London, Edmund Sumner

Cosy shipping containers: Hotel in London

With the use of the containers, the architects fulfilled the client's wish for a flexible and inexpensive building. The elements also correspond to the modular character of the hotel with approximately the same size and floor plan for all rooms. Only on the ground floor did the architects have to accommodate other uses with larger areas, such as the bar and lobby, so they created large openings in the long sides of the elements.

The shipping containers used are available in different sizes as standard; when choosing, you only had to take into account that the room height is reduced by the interior insulation. Therefore, DSK finally chose the slightly higher variant with an external dimension of 2.9 m. The modules are stacked on top of each other and coupled at the corners with a specially developed connector. Since one façade borders directly on a railway line, a light steel scaffold with arbour was arranged to access the rooms.

On the opposite side, white and orange painted steel sheets characterize the façade, which were adapted to the sun. A dot grid in the lower window heightens the privacy of the bedrooms and also provides shade. Inside, birch plywood surfaces dominate, creating a very homely atmosphere. For longer stays there is a well-equipped kitchenette with a microwave, refrigerator and stove, as well as a small work area.

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