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Cool design meets natural warmth: Heating with wood by MCZ

Italian manufacturer MCZ offers numerous wood-burning stoves and wood fireplaces that aim at achieving the highest-possible sustainability and energy efficiency. All the devices are certified according to current European standards, such as the BImSchV (Level 2) in Germany, VKF in Switzerland and Aria Pulita in Italy. In addition, the fireplaces are energy efficiency class A + or A ++, which means lower fuel consumption and greater savings, and four years before it enters into force, compliance with the EU Directive Ecodesign 2022, which lays down the criteria for the environmentally-friendly production of stoves and heating fireplaces, is already ensured.

Stylish heating with high efficiency
MCZ fireplaces are above all characterised by their clear and minimalist design language. They can be combined with a large selection of panels as per the catalogue as well as with individual custom-made products. The Forma-series fireplaces are also available with an optional 5mm-"passe-partout" bezel and can therefore be installed without panelling. In this way, the fire becomes the centrepoint of the wall design. Among other things, the Plasma product family, a series of wood fireplaces that stands for particularly high environmental performance, has been expanded. According to the manufacturer, the hermetic combustion chamber and the precise control of the air flows reduce emissions to a minimum and achieve effectiveness and efficiency comparable to that of pellet fireplaces. In addition to the frontal and two-sided models, there are now three-sided glazed and corner models.

Individual design and easy operation
Plasma heating fireplaces are also available as an option with a 3mm-thick "passe-partout" bezel for installation without panelling. The fireplace can also have an individual design through the choice of handle. Customers can choose between an opening with or without a handle, thereby giving preference to ergonomics or minimalist aesthetics. The firebox is made of Alutec, a material developed by MCZ for all of its models. Thanks to the high percentage of aluminium, a chemical reaction at a temperature of 300°C guarantees that the firebox cleans itself, while its bright colour enhances the aesthetic effect of the fire. Plasma is also a fireplace that is extremely easy to use. The "Easy Going" system allows the flame to be set automatically using a slide-control located on the lower frame of the fireplace. The five different settings correspond to daily-use situations. For example, "Start" can be used to ignite the flame quickly, and "Sleep" to keep wood consumption to a minimum and to achieve combustion almost without any oxygen.

Heat throughout the entire house
The Plasma-series fireplaces have been designed to maximize heat utilization in both conventional and forced ventilation. All models can be combined with the patented Comfort Air system. In addition to conventional natural convection, fireplaces can be canalized so that the hot air can be conveyed into several rooms of the house. At the same time, the air produced by the stove can be routed via wall-mounted pipes at a guaranteed outlet temperature of 80°C up to 8 metres. In this way, the fireplace becomes an energy-saving mini-heating system.
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