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Combination of Brick and Glass

LuKi 2 in Lindau is a residential and commercial building whose design is oriented towards its surroundings. Contemporary structures and windows harmonise with the classic-looking Stockholm FU clinker from Hagemeister. The clinker unfolds its effect through the light grey and sandstone shades, some of which shift into earthy brown-black. The facade is reminiscent of brick, and forms a connection with the neighbourhood’s historic buildings, while the glass of the balcony parapets and the shading systems form a modern counterpoint. The foot-end walling also contributes to the varied overall appearance. Another special feature are shaped bricks with certain angles at two corners of the building. Angles of 64° and 116° break with the traditional image of 90°-stones.

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DETAIL 9/2021

Concept: Sports Facilities

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