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Streckhof, Burgenland, Juri Troy Architekten

Carefully Extended: Streckhof with Distillery in Burgenland

The initial idea to transform the Streckhof, now home to the family grandmother, for shared use was quickly rejected. The clients did not want to lose any of the quality of the typically southern Burgenland building to renovation work. Moreover, the structure of the existing barn was not suitable for an addition. Instead, a new building now complements the agricultural structure; it stands beside the garden and is oriented towards the neighbouring buildings.

The constructive principle of the new house is based on local building methods. The two plastered gable walls have been whitewashed inside and out with a chalk mixture. The walls of the upper level and attic are clad with local silver fir. The sliding elements on the longitudinal façade, which are of the same material, call to mind the wooden gates of the original farmyard. The ceiling-high, folding glazed areas open onto an unobstructed view of the greenery. At the same time, the openings on the longitudinal sides regulate the indoor climate, particularly when it comes to counteracting heat build-up in the summer months.

The interior access zone divides the open ground floor into living and dining areas. The single-flight stairway leads to the family’s bedrooms and a gable-high room on the upper level. This space is also home to a small work area. Finally, a steel ladder rises to the generous attic, which also serves as a yoga room.

The neighbouring barn that houses the clients’ distillery has also been upgraded. To this purpose, a simple cube of black-glazed sprucewood has been built into the existing structure. Insulation was deliberately omitted in order to direct attention towards the valuable artisanship of the rafter roof. The owners have had a 7-metre wooden table made for their regular tastings and celebrations.

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