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Lignatur, sound-­absorbing ceiling, constructions

Office Building with Prefabricated Elements

Rollimarchini Architekten has ­realised the new building of a timber construction company as a four-storey wooden building with a tightly gridded facade. The timber construction is designed as an element stud construction in fire resistance class REI 60. Building stability is ensured on the one hand by the access core, which is made of cross laminated timber boards and enclosed for fire-protection purposes, and on the other by the Lignatur ceiling elements connected by shear steel to form shear-resistant ceiling panels. The horizontal loads are absorbed by the outer walls and a truss reinforcement invisibly integrated on the gable side. The wall elements for the outer walls were prefabricated in the factory, just like the ceiling ­elements. The Silence 12 sound-­absorbing ceiling elements are fitted with absorbers that minimise structure-borne sound ­vibrations and walking noise. Acoustic grooves on the underside of the elements as well as absorber panels inserted into the ceiling construction ensure good room acoustics and speech intelligibility.

Lignatur, sound-­absorbing ceiling, constructions

Photo: Remund Holzbau

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DETAIL 9/2020

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