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Budapest Design Week

The purpose of Open Studios is to allow guests to gain first-hand experience of the creators’ everyday lives. The designers will receive visitors in their own workshops, and tell them about their memorable orders and jobs.

“Deals and friendships are made during such visits, while the general audience can learn about the daily life of a designer – finding out how recycled accessories, fashion collections, architectural visualisation or even the interior of a café is made, and can, in certain cases, participate in the creative process themselves. It is no accident that Open Studios programme attracts a growing number of visitors each year, as it allows a unique glimpse of the work processes. The offer is particularly colourful this year, and a few well-known names – NON+ (Kiss Sarolta), REKAVAGO (Réka Vágó) –, will join the younger generation in opening their workshops to the audience,” said Curator of Budapest Design Week Judit Osvárt.

At the programmes of the Open Studios 2018, fans of fashion, architecture, ceramics and technology can all discover studios to match their tastes. In the workshop of Back2Bag, it will be revealed how a successful business was able to kick off at a scrapyard, and how to use airbags, leather and textile upholstery and safety belts to make fashionable bags. Those longing for even more bags and accessories are recommended to visit Müskinn, where products are created from leather, canvas and other experimental recycled materials. The designers will hold various workshops at the shop gallery, where everyone can make their own Müskinn accessory including transparent purses or wallets. Likewise, Tipton works with recycled materials: their designers make optical frames from vinyl records, used and recycled aluminium capsules and celluloid, and sell them in a several countries globally.

What do the shops of Budai Pékség, Budai Kettő and Esetleg Bisztró have in common? All of them are BERTOTY projects, i.e. the work of Eszter Bertóty and her team designing offices and private homes, in addition to restaurants and cafés. Brick Visual, the team engaged in architectural visualisation is preparing with a truly exciting programme, where AR and VR technologies will be at your command to walk through the buildings that only exist on the drawing table at the moment.

Fans of ceramics will have an opportunity to meet two artists at the same time: Enikő Kontor and Ádám Csaba Szabó receive visitors in their shared workshop. Ceramic objects are waiting in all corners of their studio in Budatétény to be fired, glazed or delivered. If someone itches to know more about wood-fired ceramics, the processes of design and implementation, and is curious what surprises a designer may face when opening the furnace door after firing, off they should go to Budatétény.

Fashion enthusiasts will also be offered extraordinary workshops to choose from: unique shoes from Mandragora Design in Clique Design Studio, clothes from the brand Between, jewellery from Delacier, bags and additional leather accessories from Alma Abonyi. In GabriellaVeszpremi’s workshop, which works from leftover materials, the creator will personally let visitors in on the processes of shoe design and shoe making. You can find even more shoes if you visit Rekavago’s 13-year-old workshop in Újpest where Réka Vágó welcomes fashion fans who are into soft forms and thin high heels. Lovers of comfort and sophisticated style  cannot find a better program than exploring the fashion brand known for its streamlined minimalism NON+, where Sarolta Kiss is going to tell visitors why her clothing items are hallmarked by comfortable functionalism and a muted colour palette.

The revamped packaging of Gyulai Pálinka, Pick products and Boci chocolates were all designed by Brand Bar, which willingly receives visitors interested in incorporate identity, packaging and publication design. DesignDonum Stúdió deals with design, product management, product and graphic design, prototype development, visual communication and branding. A promising programme is offered by Frontìra’s open studio, where the toolkit of service design and design thinking will be presented to the businesses seeking solutions to their business problems. In LumoConcept’s workshop, guests can encounter the brand’s unique lamps and installations that are often seen in downtown bars, new-wave cafés and restaurants. You may hear interesting facts about the design of digital devices focusing on user experience if you visit UX Studió, which serves clients like Telekom, HBO and WizzAir.

Besides the 20,000 copies of free Open Studios programme brochure available on 200 spots, the website of Budapest Design Week also provides information with detailed descriptions of the programmes. It is recommended to plan in advance which workshops you wish to visit because several hosts require preliminary registration for participation.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the design festival offers roughly 250 programmes between 5 and 19 October to the audience. In addition to Budapest, other cities have joined the series of programmes: Sopron, Győr, Pécs and Debrecen also await design-minded visitors; moreover, Szentendre is also preparing its design programme. The range of programmes available at the 15-day festival on its jubilee will offer numerous events showcasing workshops through exhibitions to roundtable discussions. For details and the programme, please visit the revamped website, where you can plan your route using our online map enhanced with a search function.

Budapest Design Week is curated and financed by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, and is organised by the Hungarian Design Council.
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