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Bridge over the Traversinertobel

The bridge over the Traversinertobel, a side valley of the Via Mala, is the latest structure of this kind designed by the engineer Jürg Conzett, who also played the role of architect in this case. Built in the form of a timber staircase with varying gradients, this suspended footbridge spans a distance of 56 metres, with a difference in height of 22 metres between the two ends. The load-bearing structure consists of a post-tensioned cable truss in two vertical planes. Vertical and horizontal loads are transmitted by the two main cables via reinforced concrete columns and struts to the foundations at the ends. The main cables are connected to steel cross-beams beneath the footway by a grid of clamp-fixed diagonal cables. Mounted longitudinally on the cross-beams are ten parallel laminated timber beams, which form the lower (compression) chord. The longitudinal beams situated outside the line of the footpath prevent a direct view down into the 70-metre-deep gorge and thus enhance the sense of security for hikers.
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DETAIL 12/2005

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