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Bricks for Residential Construction

The brick's relatively high compressive strength class 12 and permissible compressive stress of 1.9 MN/m² are achieved through the reinforcing arrangement of the webs. Another reason for the high load-bearing capacity of the outer masonry is the way in which the brick, which is ground level at the factory, is laid in thin-bed mortar with a capped horizontal joint. In addition, the interlocking of the brick endfaces ensures butt-jointing in the joint area. The fact that the butt joints are not mortared also cont-ributes to particularly pressure- and tensile-resistant masonry.
For structural reasons, reinforced concrete walls were used for individual facade areas. With its mineral insulation filling, the Unipor WS10 Coriso achieves a thermal conductivity of 0.10 W/mK. Leipfinger-Bader also supplied levelling bricks, prefabrica-ted brick lintels and brick roller-shutter boxes.

Leipfinger-Bader, bricks, brickwork, dwelling house, Landshut, Germany

Photo: Oberhauser GmbH

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