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Formentera, Marià Castelló, Sport

Boathouse Under White Sails: Water Sports Centre on Formentera

Formentera, the small Balearic Island south of Ibiza, attracts many tourists with its long beaches. Plus, most of the boats from the neighbouring island moor in the harbour of La Savina, where the Mediterranean feeds two saltwater lakes. One of these inland water bodies, Estany des Peix, has a narrow opening to the sea and serves as a natural harbour for small fishing boats to anchor. The local council decided to erect a centre for the sailing school and other water sports at this convergence of lake, village centre and sea.

The architect Marià Castelló designed the water sports centre in the form of a low-slung building flanked by two wings. One of them contains changing rooms and a boat workshop, and seminars and events on non-motorised nautical sports can be held in the other. An intriguing open space has been left between these two urban structures and the sea. The new building unites the character of a traditional boathouse with that of a sailboat. A large wooden deck forms the base for the two timber volumes, topped by a flat and deeply projecting grid roof. White sun-sails are spanned in some of the grid cells to provide shade and make the open space a pleasant spot for passing the time. The architect also chose the sustainable material of timber for the load-bearing elements. The high roof structure thus consists of CLT beams painted white, while the façade is clad in narrow pinewood boards that will gain a grey patina over time.

The seminar and office rooms provide visitors beautiful views of the sea and the wooden shoreline walkway. The dropped open slat ceilings elegantly hide lighting and technical installations without concealing the wood of the main ceiling, which continues canopy-like onto the walls.    

Use was made of differing foundations as the building and dock are located at a site between water and land. The building lies on the usual strip foundations, the walkway is based on sunken wooden piles and the dock rests in the sand on prefabricated, reversible foundations made up of bundles of micropiles.

Further information:

Construction management: Francesc Ribas Tur
Installations: Javier Colomar Riera
Drafting team: Lorena Ruzafa, Marga Ferrer, Natàlia Castellà y Elena Vinyarskaya
Contracting business: Grupo Tragsa, SEPI

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