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BIM: A Boost in Efficiency for the Building Industry

Building projects are becoming more and more complex. As projects grow in size, so does the number of planning partners. The result is lack of transparency, cost uncertainties, and a decrease in the quality of workmanship. The goal of using BIM in building projects is to sustainably increase efficiency in the building industry. BIM is not a software program, but rather a working method in which all parties involved are digitally networked in order to plan, build and afterwards operate the building.
    Cloud-based BIM platforms such as Allplan Bimplus make it possible for interdisciplinary planning teams to work on a model regardless of the size, location or end device, and to centrally manage documents and information. The architect’s model is combined with the models of the other planning teams and then analysed with respect to collisions and discrepancies. This increases the planning quality and saves time and money for everyone involved.
    To use BIM effectively, one must consider several basic questions. What is the goal and which processes and standards need to be complied with? Who holds the reins in a team, in order to achieve an effective BIM model? Of course, BIM is no guarantee for the success of a building project. For each building project it is necessary to exactly define the BIM goals to be achieved and the resulting BIM use cases. This makes it possible to determine in advance the data needed by the architect in order to implement the goals and create an optimal building. Only then can BIM achieve the desired boost in efficiency.

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Allplan, Atelier WW

Rendering: Allplan/Atelier WW

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