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Ivan Brodey, The Wedge, Coworking office, Oslo

At an Acute Angle: The Wedge, Co-Working Offices in Oslo

The newest building in Barcode is also the smallest. With a length of 70 m, the narrow steel-framework edifice with its mounted brick façade is just 11 m wide at its broadest point. Its visible bricked façade acts as a self-supporting shell before the insulated lightweight construction walls that house most of the supporting structure. This keeps the usable areas free of supports, ensuring flexible floor plans.

Thanks to the slender parcel of land, the meeting rooms jut from the outer wall as cubes starting from the second upper storey. A stairway hung from projecting steel beams meanders from cube to cube, forming a second emergency escape and evoking associations with façades seen in New York.

The Wedge will offer co-working space primarily to start-ups with 15 - 35 employees. Informal contact and synergy will take place over a total of 1,700 m² of open office space. Room-high glazing floods the working areas with daylight. Employees enjoy views of the fjord to the south, the Ekeberg Hills to the east or the Bay of Bjørvika to the west.

The cafeteria, which features a lounge and rooftop terrace, is a popular meeting place. The pub on the ground floor enlivens the street space and connects the office building to its surrounding neighbourhood.

With brick, steel and wood, the architects selected sustainable materials. The underground parkade offers charging stations for electric cars; dressing rooms and showers encourage workers to make a green commute by bike.

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