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JKMM, Jyväskylä, Hospital Nova

A Different Way to Get Well: Hospital Nova by JKMM in Jyväskylä

The 500 million euro Hospital Nova, which gained its official planning start in 2016, is not divided up according to specialist departments but to functional units, of which there are four altogether. The ‘Factory’ (so called by the architects) for deliveries, storage, technical building equipment and other ancillary functions occupies the basement. Two further functional units are located opposite each other in the three-storey podium, namely the ‘Hot Hospital’ made up of operating theatres and intensive care units, and the ‘Healthcare Shopping Mall’ for out-patient treatment. This is followed by a further services and utility level and finally by the three-storey ‘Hotel’ containing patients’ rooms, all of them single occupancy complete with en-suite bathroom.

New structures also exist behind the wings. Doctors and nurses work in interdisciplinary open-plan offices called ‘Knowledge Zones’, making the medical superintendent’s private enclave a thing of the past. Out-patients no longer have to go from room to room to see different doctors; rather, medical staff come to them. Storage in the building has also been minimised, with a just-in-time delivery service set up for all necessities instead.

In an endeavour to introduce something of the atmosphere of central Finland’s lake landscape, the architects have placed wooden sculptures and large boulders in the building’s functional axis – the three-storey comb-shaped atrium between the out-patient area and the ‘Hot Hospital’. Further features include a log cabin kiosk and a restaurant for patients and visitors. Perforated aluminium profile sheeting screens the atrium off the comings and goings in the surrounding corridors to a certain extent but nevertheless permit glimpses into the atrium. The same material also clads the end facades of the podium and the ‘Hotel’ segments.

Along with functional and ambient advantages, the new hospital concept is also to deliver substantial financial ones, with the operator wishing to reduce operating costs by ten percent a year. As running a hospital consumes as much money in one to two years as it takes to build a new one, that’s not a bad outlook.

Further information:

Landscape architecture: Loci-Maisema Arkkitehdit
HLS-planning: Granlund Oy
Electro planning: Ramboll Finland, Easytec Oy
BIM-counseling: Gravicon Oy

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