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Photo: Uwe Spoering

Analogue qualities: Pharmacy in Berlin

As a counter to the schematic style of function-optimized shop fittings, the practice created generous and open-plan spaces that offer high levels of comfort. Despite numerous revisions, the basic idea of being able to move around the room as freely as possible was incorporated into the final design in various ways: there are no ticket vending machines steering customers and no furniture elements creating artificial barriers. The lateral arrangement of two elongated counters invites people to pass through the entire sales floor.

Analogue qualities
Above all, the pleasant atmosphere is a result of analogue qualities. These include a calm but powerful colour palette as well as the use of tactile and visually attractive materials and surfaces: comfortable seating covered in fabric or leather, floors and sales counters that combine oak with terrazzo. Floor-to-ceiling glass brick walls hint at what’s going on in the laboratory and dispensing area at the back and provide fascinating glimpses into the workings of a fully automated warehouse. The latter fits without pretension into the finely balanced interior and is a powerful testament to the possibility of designing digital environments that can be experienced with the senses.

Further information:

Team: Werner Aisslinger, Julia Walk, Monika Losos, Laura Dervishi, Julius Iversen
Terrazzo: Daniel Offenhausen
Glass blocks:
Automated storage system:
Lighting: B.lux, Foscarini, Wästberg (Design: Werner Aisslinger)
Door fittings: FSB (Design: Werner Aisslinger)
Chairs: Cappellini (Design: Werner Aisslinger)

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