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An Exposed Location: Compact Single-Family Home in Leogang

Each terrace is offset by three metres, yet all are connected by the design, which was inspired by the topography and the spiral staircase that connects them. The compact single-family home stands in the middle of the lot, between the existing summerhouse above and the idyllic pond on the lower level. As a newly created counterpart, it spans the space in between, evoking a dialogue of new and existing constructions. The four-storey house rises from the slope like a cliff. The two-part, tiered base serves as a massive foundation for the wooden cube. Moreover, it protects the wooden façade by separating it from the ground.  The diverse materials make the house stand out from the rural existing buildings, a main structure and its adjunct. The entry level is an extension of the associated spaces with the existing single-family home. Furthermore, a dressing room and the parents’ area are located with a direct view of the slightly declivitous pond. This sloping situation and the resulting distance ensure the necessary degree of privacy. The second storey is level with the existing ground floor, which accommodates the living area. The generous, flowing space is functionally divided into three areas by the central fireplace: the southwest-facing living room, which can extend onto the terrace on the stone base in the summertime, the dining area with its unobstructed view of mountains and garden, and the kitchen, whose back is to the forest edge. The top level, which is acoustically linked with the living area, allows the children to either commandeer the entire storey or to retreat individually into their own rooms. The simple, punctuated façade of the Kranawendter house is enlivened by the varied positions of the windows. The various sizes, positions and depths call us back to the structure of the interior space. LP architektur has successfully and elegantly integrated this new single-family home into the existing ensemble of buildings, thereby defining new spatial qualities.

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