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Photo: Christian Schittich

An Exciting, Adventurous World: Bookshop in Suzhou

The mise-en-scène begins with a dematerialized space enclosed in glass bricks, which Yu Ting calls the ‘Sanctuary of Crystal’. This is where new book releases are suspended on plexiglass displays like museum pieces.

In ‘The Cave of Fireflies’ glowing fibre optic cables in alternating colours hang from the ceiling and create a mystical mood. Some of the covers of the stacked piles of bestsellers are illuminated as a result. Customers can pick up a copy to browse in the following section, the ‘Xanadu of Rainbows’, the where they suddenly find themselves in an ocean of colour. Here, perforated aluminium panels powder-coated in the colours of the rainbow create a cheerful atmosphere.

The largest of the four rooms is illuminated by a glazed facade and designed as an artificial landscape that offers, in addition to long bookshelves, plenty of seating areas and more private spaces allowing people to withdraw and immerse themselves in the books in a totally relaxed way. This is also the location of the café, which contributes significantly to the turnover of the store.

‘The Castle of Innocence’ is the last area and is reserved exclusively for children. Reading grottoes and miniature houses offer playful reading experiences and help arouse enthusiasm for books from a very early age.

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