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Archi5 + Tecnova architecture, Paris, La Fontaine

An Abstract Massif: La Fontaine Sports Centre Near Paris

The city of Antony, which has 60,000 inhabitants and is located only around 10 km from the Eiffel Tower, is characterized by typical suburban structures. In this heterogeneous environment of high-rises, residential blocks and single-family dwellings, the community wanted something striking. The La Fontaine sports centre by archi5 + Tecnova architecture fulfils these expectations with a zigzagging cubature that resembles an abstract mountain massif. A matt-gold, gleaming standing seam cover of sheet metal completely veils the building.

A gorge-like cutout
On the east side, a gorge-like cutout nearly bisects the volume. This constructive caesura allows sufficient natural daylight to enter the 5,200-m2 building and creates a functional separation between the public club areas and, to the north, the gymnasium enjoyed by various local schools.

Variable access
A shared lobby connects the two wings, which are roughly of equal size. All the athletic areas can be reached from this central zone. On the other hand, the individual halls are autonomous: each has its own dressing rooms and separate entrances.

Subtle permeability
Although the surfaces may seem hermetic at first glance, a closer look reveals the subtle permeability of the building. Mini-perforations form cloud-shaped clusters, giving the façade a certain fragile lightness. Translucent elements of expanded metal allow additional daylight to penetrate the structure. Down near the floor, pellucid glass surfaces provide direct views of the sports-related activities. White-lacquered steel supports, soffits of corrugated sheeting and wall cladding of wooden slats create a vibrant atmosphere inside as well.

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