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House in Canada; Jean Verville architecte; Photo: Maxime Brouillet

Amid the Green: House in Canada

From a formal point of view, Fahouse comprises two volumes distinct in height and shape. While the body with the larger area appears more extraverted, the back portion of the structure seems more diffident. Because of the terrain, it is embedded in the earth all the way up to the ground floor.

The lot can be accessed on one of its long sides, where the difference between the two halves of the house is particularly clear. The topography dictates an interesting entryway situation: to the left, a stairway leading down to the ground level joins onto a platform that runs parallel to the façade. The stairway ends at a generous terrace. Here, the saddle roof of the larger body looks like a huge cantilever arm jutting over the whole area. Visitors can arrive sheltered from the weather. Beside the doors to the house, the entire length of the terrace features ceiling-high glazing and glass sliding doors. The exterior space seems to flow into the adjoining living and dining room. This impression is reinforced by the floor and ceiling surfaces, which continue throughout the house.

The interior spaces are modern and open. On the ground floor, a central stairway delimits the private rooms, which are located in the back part of the building, from the large living and dining area. The spatial distribution on the upper storey is based on the two bodies: the parents are in the larger side, the children in the smaller part. Visible construction timber in the roof complements the children’s room. The higher, tapered attic space above the parents’ zone is arranged as a separate storey.

The sleek choice of materials emphasizes the minimalist design of the house and makes it possible to distinguish the geometric shapes at work: the terrace and exterior surfaces in grey exposed concrete, corrugated metal façades and window frames in black. The interior spaces follow the same concept. Light-coloured wood is found in the design of the ceiling, all kitchen in-builds, the stairs and the dividing walls on the upper floor. Combined with white surfaces, this creates a comfortable, homey atmosphere.

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