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Air Forest, Denver

Air Forest Pavilion at Denver

Click here to watch how the pavilion is transformed from a limp sack into a swollen figure and how it is used throughout the day.

The temporary Air Forest Pavilion is a sheltered space for public events. To ensure that the structure leaves no traces when the event concludes, the roof was to be as light as possible. In addition, it had to be set up and dismantled quickly. The architects designed a pneumatic membrane structure of considerable size: 4 metres above the ground, this 56-metre-long and 25-metre-wide canopy seems to fill in the clearing. Visitors to the park who see the ephemeral structure being inflated witness the greatest spectacle of all. Once the weighted-down column footings and the fans are positioned on the lawn, the membrane is spread out and each hose-like column is fastened to the respective foundation. Air is gradually pumped into the synthetic skin, transforming it from a limp sack into a swollen figure. When the air cools in the evening, the pavilion sways gently in the wind.

Architects: Mass Studies/Minsuk Cho + Kisu Park, Seoul

Soundless; Runtime: 2 min.

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