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Administration Building in Munich

The office complex is situated on a historical urban axis, not far from Königsplatz. Two existing buildings laid out at right angles to eachother have been complemented by a newtract set on the diagonal. As a result of thislayout, two new open spaces have been created: a garden, and a 950-square-metre courtyard covered by a transparent membrane roof. Along the side of the existing building, the roof is supported by 19-metre-high columns. The other edge is borne by the new development. The roof structure consists of steel valleygirders with inflated cushions spanned between them. The cushions, 3.70 metres wideand up to 30 metres in length, consist of0.2 mm fire-resistant ethylene sheeting welded together and filled with air from compressors. The smooth surfaces of the membrane are regarded as self-cleaning. The cushions can support foot traffic for maintenance purposes and have a light-transmission rate of94 per cent. The hall is ventilated via glass louvred windows. Additional ventilation is provided by 8-metre-high stelae in which lighting isalso integrated.
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DETAIL 6/2000

Membrane Construction

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