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Administration Building in Darmstadt

Forming one phase of a series of developments on this site, the building consists of two identical office tracts connected at various points. General areas such as the foyer, conference room, canteen, display and sales rooms are located centrally at the base between the two strips. At the level above this, a bridge forms a direct link between the two groups of offices. It consists of a 22-metre-long prestressed concrete element from which the actual walkway is suspended by means of a steel structure. The frameless single glazing to this bridge serves solely as a protection against wind and rain. Open joints between the panes of glass prevent overheating. The three main office storeys of each tract are tied together by an exposed concrete frame and raised on round columns over a glazed plinth, which, like the roof storey, is set back from the main façades. The working areas are laid out along the long open faces of the strips, where horizontal aluminium balustrade sections alternate with bands of glazing. Opening lights and internal anti-glare devices allow individual lighting and ventilation of the office spaces. The south faces are screened with external louvres. Exposed concrete was used throughout the building. In the staircases, the walls are articulated with relief-like forms, and in the transitional zones between indoors and outdoors there is also a restrained use of stone and metal in conjunction with the concrete. Internally, wood, plaster and fabrics dominate.
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DETAIL 8/1997

Concrete Construction

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