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Acoustic Solutions by Knauf for a Business Centre

On a total of 62,500 m², the new building offers space for conference and event rooms, restaurants, banks and cafés. Offices account for 36,500 m² of the space, and the park in the inner courtyard of the complex covers 3,000 m².

Heradesign macro wood wool acoustic panels in 1200 × 600 × 25 mm format and 700 golden-brown Heradesign baffles in the entrance area. These 1800 × 300 × 30 mm-large elements, which are suspended vertically from the ceiling, create “islands” in the reception-counter and nearby seating area in the foyer. The single-layer acoustic solutions allow for focused and intensive sound absorption. In the corridors of the upper floors, Thermatex Star mineral ceiling slabs were used together with the Ventatec T15 substructure. They have a very fine, irregular hole structure which results in the ceilings having very good acoustic properties. In addition, they comply with fire protection regulations.

Photo: Knauf, Business Centre

Photo: Knauf

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