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Torre Forma Itaim, b720 Fermin Vazquez Arquitectos, Nelson Kon, São Paulo, Brasilien

A Well-Raised Solitaire: Torre Forma Itaim in São Paulo

The Itaim Bibi district in the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo is currently undergoing rapid densification: more and more single-family dwellings are making way for significantly higher apartment buildings for the upper middle class. This is no surprise, for the neighbourhood is close both to the centre and to a few larger – by local standards – green spaces.

The Torre Forma Itaim is part of this densification strategy. The tower rises 25 storeys above its base, which is home to an event room, a restaurant, a swimming pool and an indoor squash court. The shape of the tower reflects the strict requirements of the building plan and the architects’ desire for slenderness and elegance. The relatively small living units adjoin two sides of an access core; they open onto large balconies. A glass cut-out about halfway up gives the tower additional visual lightness. Another fitness area and a lounge have been accommodated behind the glazed front.

On the upper storeys, the architects have integrated several maisonette-style apartments into the otherwise uniform floor plans. The tower is topped off with two rooftop terraces at different heights; these are overlooked by the access core. The stepped-like crown of the tower links the building to the disorderly skyscraper landscape of this Brazilian metropolis. All the same, the artistic rigidity and finesse imposed by the architects is unmistakable: every apartment is clearly readable as a unit thanks to the colourful frame that surrounds each one. The longitudinal sides of the tower, which have virtually no windows, feature a rear-ventilated covering of large-format, glazed terracotta elements in front of the masonry walls. In the area of the loggias, lacquered aluminum slats the height of each level continue the striped motif in the same colour scheme.

The implied container structure is not continued inside the building. In fact, the tower has an ordinary reinforced-concrete skeleton construction. The base of the Torre Forma Itaim is clad with perforated sheets of aluminum; the floors of the rooftop terraces are of wooden planks.
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Planning of structural framework:
Aluízio D’Ávila Engenharia de Projetos
TGA-palnning: Green Solutions/Steluti Engenharia/Studio Serradura
Contrating bussines: Corporate Participações e Serviços Ltda
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