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Brandlhuber+ Emde, Burlon / Muck Petzet Architekten, Berlin, Terrassenhaus, Lobe Block

A Reinterpretation of the Terraced Building: Lobe Block in Berlin

Spacious terraces and two open staircases characterize the five-story studio building "Terrassenhaus Berlin/Lobe Block". They are also its main means of access. The building is a typological reinterpretation: along the narrow plot, levels open up and step downwards towards the south. Where the exterior faces the street, it is set back along the lower levels in order to maintain the maximum permitted building density.

The shared terraces are oriented towards the south and comprise deep, semi-private exterior spaces that support the communication between residents. The exterior staircases not only provide access to the upper levels. They facilitate encounters and establish connections between the shared ground floor garden and the roof terrace.

Two elevators serve as an alternative to the exterior staircases and access the upper levels directly. The architects omitted a conventional staircase, thus minimizing interior circulation space. Two cores house the elevator shafts and sanitary areas and stiffen the reinforced concrete construction. They are also the only predefined elements that structure the spaces along the different levels. Spaces can be subdivided by use of partition walls made of Aleppo pine panels. Up to four separate, parallel units spanning the entire building width can be created per level. This flexibility enables the customization of studio and exhibition uses within the building, complemented by the restrained design gesture of the loft-like spaces. They are characterized by exposed concrete surfaces with a rough appearance and sunscreens made of semi-transparent and shimmering polyethylene curtains.

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Team: Luise Angelmaier, Sarina Arnold, Pierre Alexandre Bardat, Julian Blochberger, Tünde Bognar, Romina Falk, Ilaria Giacomini, Tobias Hönig, Korbinian Luderböck, Callum McGregor, Martha Michalski, Birgit Müller, Alexine Sammut, Eva Sievert Asmussen, Markus Rampl, Christian Rapp, Javiera Sanhueza, Naomi Steinhagen, Tareq Tamimi, Eugenio Thiella, Duy An Tran, Jacopo Vantini, Lukas Vögel, Marco Wagner, Wolfram Winter, Ksenija Zdesar, Natalia Zhukova
Structural engineering: Pichler Ingenieure, Berlin
Building physics: Müller-BBM, Berlin
Fire engineering: hhp Berlin Ingenieure für Brandschutz, Berlin

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