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Amaa, Archena, Startup Center

A Polycarbonate Incubator: Start-up Centre in Archena

It may be that sensations such as this are necessary in order to loosen up the bleakness of new construction areas in Europe. In any case, the new office building for start-up enterprises in the town of Archena is not lacking in formal charms. It is located on the southern edge of the city, between an existing residential district and open landscape: Madrid’s Amaa architects wanted their design to mediate between these two poles.

On the northern side, which faces the city, the polygonal structure crouches on the surrounding asphalt surface. to the south, facing the countryside, it rises from the ground and ends in a soaring panoramic window. The terraced inner structure follows this form with several tiered levels inside an open-plan office space. The few closed off fittings, such as the toilets and ancillary spaces, emerge from the floor like steep cliffs. They are covered by a vaulted “sky” of translucent polycarbonate panels mounted on a steel subconstruction. The ambient lighting for the office spaces is integrated into the building shell. When darkness falls, the structure creates a dramatic effect, for the interior lighting shines out through the pellucid shell.

The architects lay great value on the efficient use of natural resources. The building is equipped with a rainwater storage tank, and incoming air is cooled in subterranean conduits before reaching the structure. On the south side of the building, the roof juts slightly over the large panoramic window, thus sheltering the interior space from the high summer sun.
Further information:

Associate architect: 
Juan Antonio Gil Torrano
Structural engineer: Álvaro Gil Torrano
TGA-planning: Eduardo F. Gil Torrano
Cost-planning: Amable Alcolea Luna

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