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A Pavilion for Tate Liverpool

American artist Doug Aitken and British architect David Adjaye have designed a pavilion for the Tate Liverpool. From 15 September 2012 to 13 January 2013, the pavilion will be located in Mermaid Court - in the immediate vicinity of the largest concentration of listed buildings in England.

'The Source' is the artist's first public space installation in Great Britain. It shows a film about conversations with some of the most famous creative people in the world. Two important questions are answered by participants across all art forms, age groups and backgrounds: How does a creative idea come about and how is it realised?

Location: Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, L3 4BB–Liverpool
Duration: 15 September 2012 – 13 January 2013

Temporary pavilion for Tate Liverpool
Temporary pavilion for Tate Liverpool

The pavilion has a diameter of 14.2 metres and a sloping roof that rises from a height of 2.80 to 4.80 metres. The impressive in appearance of the pavilion during the day, will also fascinate at night – by the projection of Aitken's film on the outer walls of the circular construction. The pavilion is made of a wooden frame and a combination of corrugated acrylic and bitumen panels. It is a temporary building that intentionally seeks to separate Aitken's work from traditional gallery space, in order to create a new cultural location.

Temporary pavilion for Tate Liverpool
Temporary pavilion for Tate Liverpool, elevation

Interviewed persons include David Adjaye, singer Devendra Banhart, artist Thomas Demand, American architect Liz Diller, guitarist and singer Beck, photographer William Eggleston, Swiss architect Jacques Herzog, deceased artist Mike Kelley, band Lucky Dragons, musician James Murphy, Algerian artist Philippe Parreno, artist Richard Phillips, photographer and artist Jack Pierson, photographer Stephen Shore, Italian architect Paolo Soleri, actress Tilda Swinton, artist and film-maker Ryan Trecartin and musician Jack White.

Temporary pavilion for Tate Liverpool
David Adjaye (born in Tanzania in 1966) is founder and principal architect of Adjaye Associates, established in 2000
Temporary pavilion for Tate Liverpool
Jacques Herzog talking to Doug Aitken
Temporary pavilion for Tate Liverpool
Liz Diller answering the question "How does a creative process start and how can it be perceived?"
Temporary pavilion for Tate Liverpool
Doug Aitken talking to Paolo Soleri

Doug Aitken said about his project: "This project is about the roots of creativity. Many of the people in this project are working in very diverse mediums and it’s that common thread that I’m interested in. The project is very much about the empowerment of the viewer. I want the installation at Tate Liverpool to be a destination: a place that one can go to and walk into this field of ideas."

The Sky Arts Ignition Series was started in 2011 to support the creation of major new works of art and to foster young talent.


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