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Koch Membranen

A passionate problem solver

One early milestone were the buildings for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Frei Otto was an ardent nature lover, and much of the technology he saw in nature was incorporated into textile construction and thus also into the products and projects of Koch Membranen. This is how the company’s architectural division began. Design, materials and construction are closely linked to each other, and projects are usually individually developed in Koch Membranen’s own manufacturing plant in close cooperation with the customer.

The latter’s wishes are met wherever possible, while keeping in mind the technical and commercial limitations. For external textile structures, coated polyester fabrics and ETFE foils are used alongside mainly silicone or PTFE-coated glass fabrics. Depending on the application area, a wide variety of structure types can be developed - from simple taut canopies over arch roofs, through multilayer pneumatic constructions, to convertible funnel umbrellas. The resulting structures are filigree yet highly durable, and for both temporary and permanent use.

During the past 15 years, Koch Membranen has also made a name for itself in the field of textile interior design. The increasing use of sound-reflecting materials in modern architecture has resulted in the innovative Chiemgau-based company developing new solutions for the improvement of room acoustics. It has also come up with impressive ways of altering the atmosphere and acoustics in rooms by combining sound-absorbing membranes and light.

The company has co-developed its own translucent and sound-absorbing membrane materials, and with its acoustic and light-fabrics Artex®, Helioflon® and Siglatex® it has created many different aesthetic and functional spatial solutions in the form of acoustic ceiling panels, column panels, baffles, and stretch ceilings. Large areas in particular can be made attractive using membranes, improving their acoustics and deliberately making them stand out. For several years Koch Membranen has also provided instrumental support to architects and lighting designers with planning work, and offers turnkey solutions.

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