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Katrinedals Skole, JJW Arkitekter

A Meeting Place for Old and Young: Katrinedals Skole by JJW Arkitekter

Located in the Danish capital, the Katrinedals Skole is part of an ensemble dating from the 1930s. JJW Arkitekter have taken the aging school and transformed it into a colourful campus that is busy round the clock. The exterior areas have been redesigned as an attractive meeting place not only for school-based activities, but for neighbourhood residents as well.

The two-storey school building comprises several structures. JJW Arkitekter have renovated the part under historical protection and added elements to it. These fit into and expand the structure, scale and detailing of the existing building. Volumes clad in red brick façades characterize the campus. The bricks are not there merely for their looks; they have a sustainable effect. They are recycled and reduce the project’s carbon-dioxide footprint, along with the cement-free, cradle-to-cradle certified mortar, by a hefty 70 tonnes. Aluminum curtain façades and large-format windows round out the exterior views.

Inside, JJW Arkitekter have arranged the classrooms around an open communal area that accommodates the assembly hall, cloakroom, cafeteria and lounges. A shed roof lets in light from above, creating a bright, welcoming atmosphere. The materials are a combination of rough concrete surfaces and warm wood. Built-in elements shaped like little huts add playful details and make the Katrinedals Skole a friendly place for children and adults alike.

Further information:

Structural engineering: Rambøll
Landscape architecture: Bogl / JJW Arkitekter
Main contractor: Einar Kornerup

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