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JHW IROJE Architects, Forest and Houses

A Five-Fold Experience of Nature: Forest and House by JHW Iroje Architects

Korean architecture values a connection to nature that is particularly expressed in the project Forest and House by JHW Iroje Architects. The new-build project is softly embedded in the forested plot of land, which measures 3300 m² and is accessed only by a narrow pathway. The client’s wish to spend his old age in a house as close to nature as possible has been fulfilled with functional separation: the individual spaces are spread amid the natural landscape of South Korea.

The ensemble of five angular structures - inspired by traditional Korean hanok houses - forms the residential complex that covers 200 m² in the South Korean region of Sunchang. The small houses, each of which has its own use and name, differ also in their materials: glass, metal, concrete and natural as well as agglomerate stone. The buildings have been positioned according to the client’s walking routes, which were a subject of consultation before the start of planning.

Despite its offset positioning, the raised glass house known as Yeoyeodang stands at the centre of the ensemble. It is home to the kitchen, living and dining areas. A concrete stairway leads to the covered terrace, from which an entrance leads to the open interior space. The natural-stone Chungbang serves as a guest room, while agglomerate-stone Jego is used as storage and workspace. Above the forest floor, the master bedroom in the metal Daseodang rests on concrete piles on a steep slope. Nokjung is conceived as a public bathhouse. It features a hollow space in the roof that allows daylight to stream in and provides a view of the forest from the exterior bathing area.

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