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Powerhouse Telemark, Snøhetta, Photo: Ivar Kvaal

A Bundle of Energy: Plus-Energy Office Building by Snøhetta

According to the architects, Telemark produces 256,000 kW/h a year − about as much as are consumed annually by 20 Norwegian households. This balance has earned the 11-storey building BREEAM certification with the rating of Excellent. Moreover, it is intended to set a green example. Apart from its energy concept, the office tower stands out thanks to its striking sloping façades, which give the volume its unique shape. To the east, a 45-degree cantilever determines the characteristic appearance of the structure. With its 24-degree angle, the roof is sloped to ensure the greatest possible solar input. Along with the roof surface, the entire south face has been fitted with photovoltaic panels. A light structure of wooden rods casts shade over the remaining sides of the building. The shell itself is as insulated as well as a passive-energy structure, and features triple-paned insulating glass.

The planning of the interior spaces has been further optimized with low-tech approaches. While open areas are accommodated along the sides of the building with more sunlight, closed-off units face north. This means the warmth of the sun reaches the places where it can have a positive effect on the indoor climate. Programmatically, the office building is divided into coworking areas in the lower portion, followed by traditional offices in the middle section; communal zones, conference rooms and a rooftop terrace are found on the upper storeys.

A flexible design and furnishing concept will allow Telemark to be adapted as needed for future changes in use. Should tenant companies grow or shrink, they will not have to move, but can stay and simply redesign their spaces. The sustainable material palette extends from regional wood to plasterboard, rough concrete surfaces and recycled waste materials. They harmoniously complete the environmentally friendly office building and work to create a pleasant work atmosphere.

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