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A building with several faces: Nøjkærhus Culture House

The new Culture House is located in a small clearing in the hilly terrain of Jutland, Denmark, not far away from the town of Silkeborg. It involves two small existing houses conjoined in the design by LUMO Architects to form a larger building.   

When you approach Nøjkærhus from a distance, the first thing you notice is a row of saddleback roofs. Various architectural design approaches principles have been brought together in the project to form a new whole, and as such find expression in differing materials and the various purposes of the building volumes. The two original buildings, the so-called Main house and the Stable house, have a white plaster finish and contain gathering spaces, a kitchen and a workshop with adjoining side rooms. Inserted between them is the Glass house, a multi-purpose space with a special atmosphere of its own thanks to its translucent façade, open fireplace and modern glass roof. The fourth building volume, the Log house, which takes its name from the stacked firewood integrated into its outer walls, differs considerably in appearance from the other three.  

The interplay between large and small facade openings and the striking glass roof results in a building that enables varied interaction of indoors and outdoors. The main intention of the planning was to use robust materials and make the building Nordic in character: robust in the sense of durability as well adaptability for changes of use; Nordic in the sense of functionality, flexibility and the possibility to accommodate a diverse range of activities.   

Movement, learning and socialising in nature are the main focus at Nøjkærhus, which is to serve as a nature shelter and homebase for one and all.

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