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60 Years of Architecture: Georg Nemetschek on the Digitization of Planning Processes

Detail was established in the 1960s; the company established by Georg Nemetschek took its first steps in the same era. The passion for digital planning processes has never left him. In the meantime, more than one generation of planners has grown up with products from the Nemetschek Group. For Georg Nemetschek, there is no retirement and no stopping. We are pleased to share his overview of the past 60 years and his perspectives for the future.

What is the legacy of the 1960s?
I prefer to leave any judgement of the architecture of that time to the architecture critics, but I will say this: the prefabricated buildings of the GDR have not survived as a building system. For me, the 60s have a particular significance. I associate them with the inception of digitization for all planning processes in the construction industry, though it was still limited to alphanumerical tasks such as engineering-related calculations and invitations to tender, allocations and accounting.

Where will architecture be 60 years from now?
In terms of form and function, it will have continued its revolutionary course of development. According to a report from the UN, the building market is responsible for 38 % (!) of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Climate protection will lead to new, technology-driven, intelligent buildings, and new materials from climate-neutral manufacturing will be available. Architects will use AI-supported planning tools that give him extensive freedom in design. In addition, it will also offer support with dimensions, technical training and preparing cost estimates. They will carry the responsibility for applying their genius to creating a humane environment despite all the specifications.

When did you first encounter Detail?
My firm is just two years younger than Detail. I was first interested in Detail as the son of an architect; later, it served as a textbook when we developed our CAD software known as Allplan. We used the high-quality magazine to test the functionality and integrity of our developments against the details in the publication. With the greatest respect, I would like to wish Detail another 60 successful years!

Georg Nemetschek was born in 1934. He is the founder, majority shareholder and spiritus rector of the Nemetschek Group, which counts among the largest software companies listed on the stock market in Germany. As far back as the late 1960s, he saw the potential in software, foresaw the technological shift in the building industry and made his mark on significant developments. Even now, he drives innovation and digitization in the entire construction industry with great energy and zeal. Furthermore, Georg Nemetschek devotes a significant portion of his assets to various charitable purposes including the Nemetschek Innovation Foundation.

Georg Nemetschek on the Digitization of Planning Processes, Photo: Stephan Rumpf / SZ Photo
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