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60 Years: A Congratulatory Message From Axel Meise, Founder and Designer at Occhio, Munich

Axel Meise (Occhio) on the significance of the 1960s, the architecture of the future and his personal experiences with DETAIL.

What is the legacy of the 1960s with respect to architecture?
The 1960s were an important phase of evolution: we moved out of post-war architecture and into the modern era. The decade saw the creation of a number of architectural icons, such as the Sydney Opera House, and a few iconic luminaires, for instance the Arco and Parentesi lamps by Achille Castiglioni.

When did you first encounter Detail?
It feels like Detail has always been there! Detail is worthy of its name, for it inspires me as a designer. What would architecture and design be without a love of detail?

Where will architecture be 60 years from now?
Spaces are becoming increasingly virtual. Architecture, light and multimedia, three-dimensional worlds will meld; at the same time, there will be a longing for real living space, as well as for emotional lighting that stages space in various ways and adapts to our moods and needs. That will be true luxury.

Axel Meise established Occhio in 1999 and started the business with an idea that was equally simple and revolutionary: to create a lighting system, cohesive in its design and light quality, that offers the best possible solution for any spatial requirements. Cohesive in design and light quality, Occhio connects spaces and makes it possible to design entire buildings to the highest quality using light, in both private and commercial spheres. Occhio is headquartered in the heart of Munich and currently employs more than 220 people. The company is a Europe-wide operation devoted to top-class specialist trade in lighting and interior design. Occhio also has its own flagship stores in Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Milan. 

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