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Hilti Art Foundation/Huber Uhren Schmuck

3rd Place DETAIL Prize 2016: Hilti Art Foundation / Huber Uhren Schmuck, Vaduz, Liechtenstein – Morger Partner Architekten, Basel

Morger Partner Architekten write about their project: The annex to the Liechtenstein art museum is a joint project for arts and crafts of the Hilti Art Foundation and Huber, a business that sells watches and jewellery. The new building is a free-standing structure in the centre of Vaduz and is in compositional relationship to the art museum. By distributing the uses of the building over five levels with fully independent access it was possible to fulfil the specific functional and organisational requirements.

 The entrance to the Hilti Art Foundation is through the foyer of the art museum and through an underground passage to the watch and jewellery store directly over the ground floor. The layout and typology of the rooms achieve a deliberate autonomy between access and exhibition at the Hilti Art Foundation. The monumental, light-flooded stairwell connects and separates simultaneously. The geometry, form and materials of the exhibition rooms make them ideal for the presentation of art and the stairwell becomes an architectural experience. The façade design outwardly represents the idea of the layered uses by alternating strip windows and wall sections. The relationship between the art museum and the new building with a façade construction of polished concrete material suggests the relationship with regard to content, while the contrasting colours manifest self-confident independence and respectful juxtaposition.

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