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Good Building Fabric Definitely Pays Off: Mike Bucher on Perfection, Energy Efficiency and Ecology

Mike Bucher, who directs the affairs of the Schöck Group in Baden-Baden, finds it important not to economise on building fabric in architectural projects – notwithstanding that energy efficiency, building physics, reinforcement systems and digitisation are the issues of the moment, unlike in the 1960s.

What is the legacy of the sixties?
Along with intensive use of glass, steel and concrete as construction materials, the sixties above all encouraged us to be more innovative and experimental in planning and realising buildings. They left us absolutely cool design and increasingly appreciated architecture. Today both find expression in building design and can be realised with contemporary means and possibilities accordingly to perfect result. In the ‘60s, however, matters such as energy efficiency and ecology did not have the importance they do today. Buildings were constructed in interesting ways, but such issues were left aside for various reasons.   

Where do you think architecture will be 60 years from now?
That’s something I often ask myself. For example, whether what we build today will fulfil the functions that will then be in demand to any great extent. Whether it will be liked. And when Detail celebrates its 120th anniversary, what will our successors say about the buildings of the 2020s?

At present I am moving into an apartment that is 120 years old and what I can basically say is that that good building fabric pays off, and that it is still worthwhile today to not economise on the fundamental fabric in architectural projects. Technology will take care of the rest.

When did you first encounter Detail?
Well, since we are talking about an institution here, the answer is that it was when architecture first awoke my interest, in other words before I took up studying the subject. 

Mike Bucher assumed the position of management board chairman at the Schöck Group of Baden-Baden in April 2020 and has worked in the construction branch for 20 years, particularly gaining experience in international sales and as a generalist entrepreneur. Before coming to Schöck he held management posts at companies such as Wienerberger, Prefa and Geze.

Mike Bucher, Schöck, Schöck-Gruppe, Baden-Baden, Germany, DETAIL 60 Years, Photo: Schöck-Gruppe
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