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“Form follows function!” – what does that mean today?

What is the legacy of 1960s design?
In design, the credo “form follows function” that arose from rationalism and the Ulm School is still (or again) current in terms of climate change and the limitations that are necessary. However, its meaning has evolved: we now have a more extensive concept of what function is, whereby “softer” factors such as holism, emotionality and meaning are also important.

Where will we be 60 years from now?
Climate change is going to alter our lives. We are still able to pave the way for life to become either a dystopia or a utopia. At the moment, I’m a bit pessimistic in the light of the experience we’ve gained in terms of pandemic management. But then maybe something is developing for that very reason.

How can Detail contribute to this development?
It can bring together diverse perspectives, form interconnections, stimulate dialogue and offer various scales from the overview right down to the level of precise detail.

Jeannette Altherr is a Partner at the Barcelona-based Lievore + Altherr Désile Park studio and Creative Director of the Italian furniture brand Arper. Jeannette specializes in product design & development, strategic consulting, creative direction and art direction. Her holistic approach comes to light with a humanist character in her quest for the essential, a vision she realizes through products, spaces and colours. Sustainability is expressed through her choice of materials and solutions.

Jeannette Altherr, Photo: Marina Denisova
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